Tim Plath

General Manager, Arizona


Tim Plath started his water resources career 4 years ago in the field, primarily as Weber's Test Pump Operator, which entailed testing the capacity of wells from Arizona to Texas. Tim uses his field experience to provide Weber clients with the information and options needed to successfully reach an effective solution to their water resource problem.


The variety of projects Tim handles includes test pumping, well rehabilitations, pump service and installations, well liners, and turf pump systems for clients in the municipal, turf, industrial, and agricultural market.


Direct: (623) 240-2502




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The amount of moisture on Earth has not changed. The water the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago is the same water that falls as rain today.



"As CM@R, Weber did an exceptional job. They understand the process and were diligent in leading the project to complete on time and budget. "


Gary Gin, Hydrologist

City of Phoenix