4th Avenue Jail

Client: Maricopa County
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Completion Date: 2011
Market: Municipal
Contract Amount: $121,413
Work Performed: The scope of the work was to evaluate the jail's existing domestic water pump state and perform efficiency testing. The existing pump station had constant speed pumps and the system pressure was maintained with pressure control values. The evaluation showed the piping was corroded, a motor had shorted out, and the operational pumps were only 4-6% efficient. The recommendation was that the station be replaced with 4 new VFD's (variable frequency drives). During the design it was found that the total existing station horsepower could be decreased from 60 hp to 52.5 hp. Weber designed and installed a new pump state to match the current building needs. In addition, an automatic flushing filter was installed to filter out the sediment that was entering the building's water system and plugging plumbing fixtures. The new station is currently operating at 70% efficiency, saving the customer an estimated $14,581 per year in electricity. In addition, Weber is a trade partner with APS so a rebate was applied for and the owner received a rebate of approximately $25,811 from APS. With the rebate and estimated annual savings in electricity along with the maintenance savings, this project will pay for itself in 5 years.