Duncan Farms Well Rehabilitation


Duncan Farms had an out-of-use well that had been drilled to its maximum depth and has severe scale build-up.


The water table was dropping 4-5 feet each year in this region. As the water level drops, the cost to pump it increase. This is the first of many projects where we are injecting water while they are not pumping, stabilizing the formation.


The Weber team had a three-pronged strategy to solve the issue and in the end, provided the client with a highly productive well.

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Weber Water Resources has spent 1,209 total man hours on training in 2011.



"Pinal Feeding relies on the expertise and recommendations of Weber to keep all of our equipment running top form. Pinal Feeding is very happy with the relationship we have with Weber and recommends their services to anyone with specialized pumping needs."


Scott Harrison

Pinal Feeding Co.